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Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Set between Fairy Tail's penultimate and final story arcs, the film focuses on the members of the titular wizard guild infiltrating the Kingdom of Stella to recover a stolen staff of cataclysmic power.

King Kong vs. Godzilla

Mr. Tako, the chairman of a pharmaceutical company, learns of roma tomato-sized berries that grow on Farou Island, are a miracle cure, and that the natives worship a god called Kingkong who has allegedly grown to giant size from eating the berries. What better way to promote the product, Tako figures, than to bring the creature back to Japan? So he leads an expedition with Sakurai and Furue to get the berries and the monster. Meanwhile, some American pilots discover the chunk of the glacier Godzilla was sealed in back in 1955.

Garm Wars The Last Druid

In this action sci-fi thriller, a cyber warrior is trapped in the clone war of three military tribes. Realizing the meaningless and cruel nature of this fighting, she resembles a group of abnormal characters and together, they take steps to escape this war.

Initial D: Second Stage

Emperor, a team of Lan-Evos from the Tochigi prefecture has arrived with the goal to crush every team in Gunma. Soon they realize the fastest car in Gunma isn’t just Akagi’s White Comet, but also a new downhill legend known as Akina’s Eight-Six.

Kick-ass 2


Kick-ass 2

In Kick-Ass 2, Kick Ass and Hit try to balance between everyday life and the hero life. When Hit forced to incognito for a while, then Kick Ass decided to join a group of "superhero" known as Justice Forever, led by Colonel Stars and Stripes. While, Mother Fucker Red Mist always want to avenge his father's death (caused by Kick Ass and Hit Girl), and he has created a perfect revenge plan brutal.

Prison School ( Live Action)

Hachimitsu Academy was an all-girls high school until the new school year, as the management board has decided to enroll boys into their system. Now Kiyoshi Fujino and his four friends—Takehito "Gakuto" Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Jouji "Joe" Nezu, and Reiji "Andre" Andou—are the only male students among 1,000 girls. Adding to their shock, the savage laws still remain effective, and punishment for even the most minor infractions is a stay in the school's prison. A string of perverted incidents lead the five boys to be "convicted" and "arrested", now they must struggle to escape from the prison.

Detective Conan OVA 8

Sonoko wrote and directed a play for the charity of her local church, also wants to be the star of the play. She decided to do a murder. However, after speaking with a part of the play for Ran, Conan, and Detective Boys, Haibara listened and found a lot of flaws in the plot, including the evidence that will expose the killer. Thanks to Conan and the Detective Boys help Sonoko could write the script?




The film is about a research psychologist who uses a device that permits therapists to help patients by entering their dreams. Chaos ensue when a thief uses the device to enter people's minds, when awake, and distract them with their own dreams and those of others.

Dragon Ball - Season 5 (English Audio)

Season 5 opens with Yajirobe taking Goku to Korin Tower to recover from his fight with Piccolo. While there, they tell Korin about the death of the eternal dragon and find out that Kami, the creator of the dragon and the dragon balls, lives high above Korin Tower. 

Attack on Titan: Junior high (English Audio)

Eren Yeager faces with a titan - and has his lunch stolen! So he vows to eliminate their kind once and for all. Along with his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackerman and their friend Armin Arlert, the trio traverse the halls of Titan Junior High, encountering familiar faces and...

The World Is End

After 20 years, 5 friends meet in a pub to drunk again. They accidentally find an ancient document "End of the World" from the man named Gary King. When looking into past and present, they find that all events are suitable. This document makes them feel worry for the future of the mankind.

Fairy Tail Season 7 (English Audio)

Natsu saves her and tells the truth that he is the real Salamander of Fairy Tail and has the skills of a Dragon Slayer, an ancient fire magic. He offers her membership into the guild, which she gladly accepts,...

Inuyasha - Season 3

Season 3 opens with Shippo meeting a girl named Satsuki. Satsuki believes that her brother, who went to war, will come back. She shows Shippo the treasure her brother gave her, a sacred jewel shard. Unfortunately, it is only a flower made of stone.

One piece - Season 02 (English Audio)

The film continues with their journey, from Reverse Mountain to Whiskey Peak. Nami has to adjust to the thought of having to watch the log pose constantly. While the rest of the crew and their passengers work hard to keep the ship afloat, Zoro just sits on deck, sleeping.

Detective Conan - Season 24

Conan and Ran are waiting for a meeting with Masumi, who is investigating Rumi Kitao's boyfriend, Kenya Settsu. Kenya asks Ran to accompany Rumi to wake Kenya's ex-girlfriend. Rumi and Ran has to open Waka's apartment with a key when no one answers.




Akira is a 1988 Japanese animated science fiction action film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. A new city called Neo-Tokyo is eventually built in its place, but by 2019, a year before the city is set to host the XXXII Olympic Games, the dystopian metropolis is gripped by anti-government terrorism and gang violence. One night, teen delinquent Shōtarō Kaneda has his bōsōzoku gang, the Capsules, battle the Clowns, their rivals.

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F [English Audio]

After the god of destruction Beerus decided to not destroy the Earth, the planet is back again in peace. But, Sorbet and Tagoma, previous Freeza's servants, decide to revive his leader using the Dragon balls. Succesful in his plan, Freeza decides to return to Earth to start his revenge against the saiyans who humillated him once.

Yu-Gi-Oh (1998)

Mutou Yuugi is a frail young boy who happens to be a big fan of gaming of any kind. But when he solves an ancient Egyptian puzzle he is granted all the powers of darkness. Now when confronted with danger and injustice, he transforms into a much darker and dangerous form

Naruto Shippuden - Season 17

Naruto also must prepare for his eventual confrontation with Akatsuki, who are after the demon sealed within him. To prepare, Naruto leaves the village and undergoes intensive training under Jiraiya.

Princess Mononoke

The story is about the journey of the last prince of the tribe Emishi, Ashitaka and his efforts to bring peace between the exploitation of forests in the Iron Fortress and divine creatures living in the surrounding forest fortress.Let's follow him

Fairy Tail Season 4 (English Audio)

Fairy Tail is a funny action anime. It better than most action anime because they make the female have as much power as the male not like the guys get all the good stuffs. It opens with the main character is a young celestial mage, Lucy Heartfilia.

Ghost in the Shell The New Movie

The movie involves the assassination of the Prime Minister of Japan which is publicly described as the "greatest event since the war". Public Security official Daisuke Aramaki hires full-body cyber prosthesis user and hacker extraordinaire, Motoko Kusanagi, to investigate.
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