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Ginger Snaps


Ginger Snaps

In this modern werewolf tale, sisters Ginger and Brigitte are outcasts in their suburban neighborhood. Soon after being attacked by a deadly werewolf, Ginger must dealt with the tragic consquences. Now Brigitte must decide whether to save herself or join Ginger in otherworldly doings.

Cheeky (trasgredire)

Carla breaks up with her boyfriend. While scouting out apartments in London for her Venetian boyfriend, Carla rents an apartment that overlooks the Thames. There she meet the lesbian hyper-horny real estate agent Moira.

Mission to Mars

When the United States sends its first manned mission to Mars, hopes are high for new scientific discoveries, but due to a disaster, three members of the mission are killed, and a fourth loses all radio contact with the Earth. American astronaut Jim McConnell then coordinates a rescue mission for the colleague. 

Dancing at the Blue Iguana

This glimpse into girls' life in the strip club exposes each girl inside and out, both onstage and back, showing the story behind the dance.

Joseph: King of Dreams

The story of Joseph who has a gift from God. Joseph's parents give him a coat, so that his brothers envy with him and get him into the trap. He is sent to Egypt by a human trafficker. After that he becomes a slave of a rich Egyptian who has imprisoned him.

Sexy Beast


Sexy Beast

An expert safe-keeper and his old criminal associate take part in a bank robbery. Overcome dangerous situations and the chases the police, they finally take the money but from there, troubles begin to arise.

Gone In Sixty Seconds

We will follow a well-known car thief in Los Angeles who left his job. Suddenly he is forced to continue the job to take a special mission. His brother wants to become a nortorious thief like him but his plan falls through. He is kidnapped by LA gangster. Now the thief must save his brother from death

[18+] The Diary 3

In order to pursue her acting career, Anna signs up with an Italian production house. Now, she has more chances to understand the film industry, and enjoy hot moments with Italian men.

The Ladies Man

Leon Phelps is the grooviest, smooth-talking woman chaser around. Known suitably to all as The Ladies Man, Leon hosts a popular late-night radio call-in show but soon gets fired due to too many vulgar and inappropriate commentsHe receives a mysterious letter from his true love asking him to return to her, he just has to figure out who it is!

Will and Grace - Season 2

Despite her moving out, Will still feels that Grace clings to him, so she asserts her independence by having a dinner party without him. Meanwhile, to keep the INS at bay, Jack is forced to move in with Rosario.

Scream 3


Scream 3

The actor plays Sidney, Gale, Dewey, ... in "Stab" had to die because of the scary killer with the mask. Who is behind this mask? Why the killer just want to pursue and kill Sidney? What is the truth about the mother of Sidney? This section will deal with any questions and ended this series ...

[18+] The Diary 4

The final installment of the series sees Anna in Rome still. She quits her acting career and focuses on writing her diary only. But one day her precious diary is stolen, and she must try any way to find it...

NYPD Blue – Season 7

Committed to reflecting reality, this series portrays the mature themes of life in the police department of New York City with an unprecedented combination of real life, real language and real dramas. Whether it's in the squad room or the bedroom, "NYPD Blue" will offer viewers the kind of realism more often associated with theatrical films than with network television.

The Practice - Season 5

In this season, Bobby is called to defend his close friend, Scott Wallace, who is accused of killing his wife, and becomes overly involved in the case. Ellenor and Lindsay represent parents against the EPA, when their children are all diagnosed with cancer from a chemically treated playground.

Shanghai Noon


Shanghai Noon

Chon Wang (Chan)'s mission is to rescue a princess kidnapped by Lo Fong. After teaming up with a smart but arrogant train robber Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson), the unlikely duo takes on a Chinese traitor and his corrupt boss.

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Season 2

Season 2 opens with Oggy wanting to go to the circus but has no money so Jack makes a circus for himself, including, for the two felines, the cockroaches; and then having a sick day, for sure the cockroaches are out to take advantage of his current situation...

My Dog Skip


My Dog Skip

Lonely 9-year old Willie Morris (Frankie Muniz) receives a talented terrier named Skip for his birthday. Ultimately, it is a dog's love that teaches Willie Morris lifelong lessons of the human spirit.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle) has taken over the crime-fighting responsibilities of Batman from aging Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy), but while Terry has learned a great deal from Wayne, he's never heard the startling truth about Batman's final encounter with his arch-enemy, The Joker (Mark Hamill). However, when The Joker returns to Gotham City as vicious as ever, Wayne decides that it's time that the new Batman learned all there is to know about the green-faced terror before he can bring the city to its knees -- especially after Bruce is attacked by his one-time rival. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker also features the voice talents of Melissa Joan Hart and Angie Harmon. Upon its initial release, the movie sparked some controversy among Batman Beyond fans because of last-minute edits that toned down the violence level. However, it was eventually released on DVD in an uncut format. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Reindeer Games

Upon release from a stint in prison, Rudy (Affleck) impulsively decides to pose as his old cell mate Nick in order to make time with Nick's beautiful pen pal, Ashley (Theron), only to find himself the reluctant participant in a casino heist.

Malcolm in The Middle - Season 1

The series follows a family of six and later seven, and focuses on the middle kid Malcolm, a more-or-less normal boy who tests at genius level as he tries to survive with his dimwitted, dysfunctional family.

Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth depicts an Earth that has been under the rule of the alien Psychlos for 1,000 years and tells the story of the rebellion that develops when the Psychlos attempt to use the surviving humans as gold miners.

Malcolm in The Middle - Season 2

In this season, the family drives home from the water-park, they get stuck in a traffic jam. While each family members tries to deal with heat, stress and boredom in their own way, Dewey is roaming the country on his own.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 5

In this season, Buffy finds herself pitted against the legendary Prince of Darkness, Count Dracula. As Harmony and her vampire gang plot Buffy's demise, Dawn adjusts to life with a Slayer.

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4

The film follows The Toxic Avenger (David Mattey) as he and his morbidly obese sidekick Lardass rise from the sludge to save a group of students held hostage from the notorious Diaper Mafia in Tromaville.

Hanging Up


Hanging Up

The film tells the story of three sisters, Georgia Mozell, Eve Marks and Maddy Mozell, as they bond over their ambivalence toward the approaching death of their curmudgeonly father, to whom none of them was particularly close.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 1

In Larry's post-Seinfeld world, everything is nearly perfect. He is wealthy, has a loving wife, a best friend, and also manages to offend everyone around him. But in the series where plays a version of himself, we can see an unflinching, self-deprecating depiction of his life.




Trying to cast a spell on her own mother, a little girl brings her doll to life instead. What would they do in such weird situation ? How would this affect the relationship between them?

Leprechaun: In the Hood

In the fifth installment of this favored horror franchise, the bloodthirsty Irish gnome invades the world of hip-hop. As Stray Bullet, Butch, and Postmaster P try to fund their demo album, they unwittingly ends up with the secret of Mack Daddy's success: a magical flute. Now the three must face the anger of an enraged Mack Daddy, as well as his dreadful ally: the Leprechaun.
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