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2008 Movies Online

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The Great Buck Howard

Story about Troy Gable who decides to be a law school drop-out regardless of his father's chagrin, aiming to become a writer. To support himself, the young guy takes the job as an personal assistant to an old fading illusionist The Great Buck Howard.

Ghost Whisperer - Season 3

Season 3 is back with Melinda’s search for answers about her family history when she starts to learn the secret of her ability, her father Tom Gordon and her half-brother Gabriel. Moreover, she discovers the truth about Paul’s ghost who is killed by her father and buried in their basement to keep him from her mother. And it is Paul who saves Melinda when Tom tries to kill her.

Doomsday (2008)

Loaded with ferocious fights and high-octane chases, Doomsday grabs you right from the start, and doesn't let go till its explosive end! It is a futuristic action thriller where a team of people work to prevent a disaster threatening the future of the human race.

The Clique


The Clique

The Pretty Committee' consists of middle school girls who consider themselves more special and prettier than others. Together they form a society where they are fear by both classmates and upper class students. Until one day a new girl comes and threats to change the order of the group for power

Punisher: War Zone

The film is about a former FBI agent Frank Castle. This time, after revenging the tycoon Russoti for murdering his family, Frank Castle is now taking a new nickname Jigsaw with determination to declare war and destroy the criminals. But also from there, he is hunted by the FBI and the tycoons.

Martyrs (2008)

An horror film of Pascal Laugier is starring Morjana Alaoui, Mylène Jampanoï, Catherine Bégin, follows a young girl's revenge. When she was a little girl, she is suffer injures from child abuse . As a result, she and her friend seek revenge for the people who kidnapped and tormented them.

Detective Conan OVA 8

Sonoko wrote and directed a play for the charity of her local church, also wants to be the star of the play. She decided to do a murder. However, after speaking with a part of the play for Ran, Conan, and Detective Boys, Haibara listened and found a lot of flaws in the plot, including the evidence that will expose the killer. Thanks to Conan and the Detective Boys help Sonoko could write the script?

The Controller

A billionaire's wife is abducted and he is asked to play a game that gives him a chance to win his wife back. Since the game is so special and unfamiliar to the public, Armchair Combat Professionals are the only people who can help. With only 8 hours left, the billionaire struggle for getting his wife back under the guidance of the specialists.

Step Brothers


Step Brothers

Brennan and Dale become half-brothers when Brennan's mother and Dale's father live in a house. Although the first time living together under one roof, Brennan and Dale are always in conflict with each other, but both gradually realize thathings in common




Twilight revolves around a love story between a young girl and a vampire boy. Isabella Swan moved from Phoenix to the small town of Forks - Washington to live with her father Charlie Swan. Her presence here bedeviled many male students. Among these boys, Bella special paid attention to a young boy, who was mysterious and spooky - Edward Cullen.

Flashpoint - Season 1

When the Strategic Response Unit arrives, the rules change. The bad guy's caught - he just doesn't know it yet. The SRU, inspired by Toronto's Emergency Task Force, is a handpicked team of elite cops. High risk is their business and these men and women do it all: rescue hostages, bust gangs, defuse bombs. Talk down suicidal teens. Protect the Pope. They handle state-of-the-art weapons - sniper rifles, flash-bang grenades, tasers. They climb the sides of buildings. See through walls.

Two and a Half Men - Season 6

In season 6, party-boy Charlie ultimately grows to be a man thanks to an independent brunette named Chelsea. Jake has kisses with the lovely girl next door whose football-star dad is named Mad Dog while Judith is revealed becoming pregnant with a baby girl, who may end up looking a lot like Alan. And Alan dates his receptionist, just to turn up in bed with her frisky mom... all the exciting things that makes Two and a Half Men the #1 comedy on TV.

The Color of Magic Part 1

The film follows the exploits of Rincewind, a wizard who is expelled from Unseen University after spending 40 years failing to learn even the most basic magic, as he and a tourist face a powerful mage and death itself in a quest to save Discworld from destruction.

The Missing Lynx

The film tells the wild animals caught with the crazy purpose of a doctor capable of talking to all animals. These animals, with their intelligence, fought valiantly against the huntsmen and the good end for brave animals. The main character in the film is a wildcat.

Zoey 101 - Season 4

Season 4 opens with Zoey being back at PCA, for one reason: To talk to Chase about what she overheard on the webcam, and to find out if she loves him back. However, there is one problem, Chase isn't at PCA anymore. 

Cold Case - Season 6

In this season, the team reopens a the 1973 case of a murdered football player. Rush and the team investigate an inner-city school teacher's death, originally believed to be a carjacking gone bad, after a former student finds her keys.

Scooby-Doo! and The Goblin King

This time, to stop a mortal named The Amazing Krudsky who wants power and is a threat to their pals, Fred, Velma and Daphne, Scooby-Doo and Shaggy must go into the underworld ruled by the Goblin King.

The Tudors - Season 2

In the second installment of the series, Henry vows to do whatever it takes to make Anne Boleyn his mistress, even by taking on Pope Paul III. He plans for Anne to go on a royal visit to France, having demanded loyalty from the English clergy. The papacy in Rome sends assasins to murder Anne but was not successful. Meanwhile, the English Reformation rises with both personal and political ambitions for a Royal revolutionary.

Benidorm - Season 2

Season 2 begins as The Garveys and the other holidaymakers return for another week in Benidorm, this time with several new members: Mel Geoffrey Hutchings who possesses five sun bed shops and Chantelle's new baby. The season also captures a diving competition between Mel and Geoff turning into a terribly life-threatening mishap.

Speed Racer


Speed Racer

’ Speed Racer’’ follows a young driver who is passionate about driving as he was a kid and living with the dream to become the champion of the racing world. With the support of his family and his high-tech Mach 5 automobile, he has to battle powerful racer to Mondragan who manipulates his careers in order to kill him.

Eureka - Season 3

In this season, the D.O.D. has sent in a business shark to perform an evaluation of Global Dynamics' viability, and everything that could possibly go wrong, does. Carter and Allison search for a missing man in a bio-dome while Eva Thorne makes changes in town in the name of balance and efficiency.




A young man named Michael Peterson is sentenced to seven years in prison for robbing a post office ends up spending thirty years in solitary confinement. During this hard time, his personality changes into his alter-ego, Charles Bronson

Happy Go Lucky

A look at a few chapters in the life of Poppy, a cheery, colorful, North London schoolteacher whose optimism tends to exasperate those around her.

Dead Space: Downfall

The USG Ishimura, a miner spaceship, is transporting a strange artifact called the Red Marker. In the Aegis VII colony, where the Red Marker was found, there are some suicides and murders and the people are slowly going mad.

My Best Friend's Girl

when he have to complete a mission for his step cousin, he confront many challenges. It is difficult to choice between friendship and love for him.

Two Lovers


Two Lovers

Two Lovers ( Also Known As: Amantes) is a Drama Romance film directed by James Gray and written by James Gray, Ric Menello (as Richard Menello). It released on 19 November 2008 (France). The film stars Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow, Vinessa Shaw. A Brooklyn-set romantic drama about a bachelor torn between the family friend his parents wish he would marry and his beautiful but volatile new neighbor.

American Dad - Season 5

In this season, there are various political and social topics are satirized such as incest, the coming out aspect of homosexuality, and appear to fear propaganda. However this season still gets the positive exception from critics.

Swing Vote


Swing Vote

An American movie tells the life story of Bud Johnson, a beer-addicted loser, who has only one bright spot in his entire life : his lovely daughter, Molly, who has to take care both of them. On election day, Molly sneaks a ballot and is about to vote when the power goes off. It unexpectedly turns out that New Mexico’s electoral votes will decide the contest, and there it’s tied with one vote needing recasting- Bud’s. With the help of Molly and a local TV reporter, will Bud handle this responsibility??
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