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2016 Movies Online

Watch 2016 online. Download 2016 free movies on 123Movies. Watch 2016 online for free without sign up and downloading. No Ads.

Crowded - Season 1

Crowded - Season 1 is directed by a famous director with the participation of many stars such as Mia Serafino, Miranda Cosgrove, Patrick Warburton, Carrie Preston and Carlease Burke . An empty nest couple find out that their adult daughters want to move back home with them.

Inside No.9 - Season 3

Set in the 1970s Austria, the season premiere follows Julian Devonshire and his family as they arrive at the alpine chalet for a holiday. They are shown around by Klaus, who tells them about a local legend of The Devil of Christmas.

The Secret Life Of The Zoo - Season 2

In this season, two of Chester Zoo's zebras are about to give birth. Kendari the babirusa is pregnant, but otters Wallace and Annie keep throwing stones at her house. Penguin chick Munch fights for his life when there's disease in the colony.

Quickie, Love Is So

Five stories of love and sex unfold over one hot summer in Madrid. All them love, fear, live and explore their diverse sexual paraphilias and the different sides of sexuality, trying to find the road to happiness.

Brahman Naman


Brahman Naman

Set in 1980s Bangalore, the film focuses around some very horny young men on a high school quiz team. It follows Naman (Shashank Arora) as he leads his nerdy friends on a trip to Calcutta to win prizes and lose their virginity.

Michael Ian Black: Noted Expert

Veteran of sketch, television, and film, comedian Michael Ian Black has mastered a delivery that's equal parts dapper and deadpan, whether he's discussing the pro-choice debate or the Tilt-A-Whirl. Comedic targets include parenting, gender roles and guilty pleasures.

Wait Till Helen Comes

A young girl, Molly, move to a converted church in the countryside with her mother and new stepfather. There she must face her deepest fears, and save her troubled step-sister from a dangerous relationship with the ghost of a lonely little girl.

Girl in Woods


Girl in Woods

When a young woman is lost and alone in the woods after her boyfriend suffers a tragic accident, she relies on her troubled past to survive. Battling the demons in her mind may be the only way to come out alive.

The Killings of Tony Blair

A documentary film follows former UK Prime Minister - Tony Blair who is considered devastation of the Labour party, a huge number of civilians who died during the Iraq War and Blair's business interests since 2007 - in Galloway's view, Blair's three "killings".

The Simpsons - Season 28

In this season, Mr. Burns puts on a variety show at the Springfield Bowl. Homer finds a new friend in a woman who acts just like him when Mr. Burns hires the other Simpsons as his live-in virtual reality family.

The Beaverton - Season 1

Helmed by co-anchors Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas, the weekly satirical news show features news stories, editorials, vox populi and other formats whose structure and layout mirror those of conventional newspapers but whose content is contorted to make humorous commentary on Canadian and world issues.

Lucky Romance


Lucky Romance

Bo-Nui believes in fortune-telling. One day, she hears from a fortune teller that if she does not sleep with a male virgin born in 1986, she will die. Bo-Nui then desperately look for that said man until she then meets Je Soo-ho, CEO of a Game developer company who is a scientific and logical man.

Dance Camp


Dance Camp

Dance Camp 2016 attracts many viewers with its meaningful content. When Hunter gets sent to a dance camp, he meets the girl of his dreams and together they attempt to beat out rival Lance in the camp's competition.

Pat and Mat in a Movie

A movie of "Pat & Mat" TV series, is co - written and created by Lubomír Beneš and Vladimír Jiránek, follows a pair of pals. They have to confront their self-made problems which they tackle them by anything what they can do, but the more their approaches are done the more issues happen.

True Nightmares - Season 2

In this season, laboratory workers fall ill with what they think is a nasty bug; a man survives two near-death experiences and a boy dies from unknown causes after trick or treating with his family on Halloween night.

Christmas In Homestead

The movie is about Jessica, one of the most famous actresses in the world, who falls for a local innkeeper, who's also the mayor of the town she's filming at, and a single dad.

Missing 411


Missing 411

Missing411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests. It features haunting interviews with people who have had their loved ones inexplicably vanish.

Long Nights Short Mornings

The movie depicts the convoluted romantic life of James (Shiloh Fernandez), a young man in New York City, as he navigates his sometimes fleeting, sometimes profound experiences with women.

Ice - Season 1

The series follows the lives of a Los Angeles diamond traders family business called G&G Diamond as they navigate the culturally diverse and treacherous world of the diamond business.

The Eric Andre Show - Season 4

The film is the most hellish show on Late Night returns with co-host Hannibal Buress, completely redefining the television viewing experience as we know it! With more ethically deplorable street pranks and severely offended guests than ever before.

Dawn Of The Croods - Season 2

This season continue to tells the adventure of Eep, Grug, Thunk, Ugga, Sandy and Gran. It starts with Gran "dies" and returns to haunt the family meanwhile Sandy loose control.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Conner Friel (Andy Samberg) is born a musical prodigy, and he forms a rap trio, The Style Boyz, with his childhood friends Owen (Jorma Taccone) and Lawrence (Akiva Schaffer). When it becomes clear that Conner's solo album is a failure, he does everything in his power to maintain his celebrity status.

Cherry Returns

The movie tells the thrilling story of a kidnapped girl who was missing for over a decade. When she is back, she carries out crimes on the orders of her abductor, and now the police must stop her before it's too late.

Ex on the Beach - Season 4

In this season, Olivia's ex-boyfriend James Moore makes his debut appearance to stir up trouble in the villa, then Kieran Lee, the ex-boyfriend of Helen Briggs arrives looking for love. The group then are shocked to discover that the exes could arrive anywhere, not just at the beach...

Oh My Geum-Bi


Oh My Geum-Bi

Geum Bi (Heo Jung Eun) is only 8-years-old, but she suffers from dementia. She is slowly losing her memory. Geum Bi’s father, Mo Hwi Chul, is a single father who works as a clumsy swindler while trying to take care of Geum Bi.

Odd Mom Out - Season 2

Season 2 will focus on Jill wanting to return to her old career in fashion magazines, while also navigating her life as a mom, wife, and sister-in-law to her polar opposite, Upper East Side momzilla Brooke, who has a unique way of describing feminism this season.

Speed Racer Speed to the Future

In the movie Speed Racer: Race to the Future, Pop decides to invent a time machine which can take a driver back in time before his accident happed. When the orb is hit by lighting, he is sent 50 years into the future where he discovers humans are prohibite from driving and ruled by robots.

Wasted - Season 1

Fun, facetious and jam-packed with surreal visual sequences, Wasted is a series about the stupid things you get up to when there’s nothing much to do, following a group of twenty-something friends who are changed forever by the appearance of a familiar figure as a spirit guide.

Day of Reckoning

The story is set in Los Angeles 15 years after the world suffered a horrendous disaster when demon-like-creatures invaded Earth and nearly destroyed mankind. Now due to a lunar eclipse, they return to finish the job. It's up to a family to not only save themselves but to also seal the breach.




A manifestation of evil that consumes all that unleashes it begins to engulf the life of a young couple (played by real-life couple Vincent Rivera and new-comer Marcella Rodriquez) who just moved into a beautiful hillside mansion.
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